Optical Illusions

Spinning Dancer

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Here's an optical illusion of a girl spinning. Some people will see the girl spinning clockwise. While some will see it naturally spinning counter-clockwise. See if you can get the girl to spin the opposite direction. It's very difficult! Try by covering all of the girl except a small portion of her legs with your hands, and then try your hardest to envision her spinning the other direction. The illusion has nothing to do with right brain or left brain thinking although you may hear otherwise

Checker Board

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Square A and B are actually the same color and shade! Proof: No one really believes this when they first see it. Try cut and pasting it in paint.and then playing around with it. Try printing it off and folding/cutting the pages together. Explanation: There are several things that make this illusion work. First you need to understand that our eyes didn't evolve to differentiate between different shades but rather our eyes evolved to try identify objects by picking out their true colors. This illusion isn't an example of a failure of visual perception but is successful proof of unconscious changes our brain makes to our visual perception. What makes this work? Because of the familiar checkerboard pattern our brain expects the colors to interchange evenly. Our eyes pick up on the shadow the cylinder is making an adjust the color of the square to be lighter than it actually is. The contrast of the letters A and B makes the squares seem lighter and darker than they actually are. The contrast of the dark squares and the light squares beside each square makes the squares seem lighter and darker than they actually are.

Slanted Lines

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The grey lines are actually straight lines.

Appearing Black Dots

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Famous Optical Illusions of appearing black dots Look away from the white dots and black ones appear. Stare directly at the white dots and they remain white.

Appearing green dots

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Stare at the cross in the middle and be amazed by appearing green dots.

Moving dots

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The dots appear to be moving, but the picture is actually a still image.

Chess Colour

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Amazingly the chess pieces on the top and the bottom are the same colour. Only the background is different.

1 Box 1 Colour

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The top half of the box and the bottom half of the box are the same colour. Still don't believe us. Cut and and paste the image into paint and see for yourself.

Doggy see doggy do

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The 2 dogs are the same colour. Only the background is different.

2 Green line

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The two green lines are the same length. Simply 3d perspective fools our eyes.

Horse or frog

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Can you see the horse, or the frog? Or both?

Table Sizes

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The two tables are actually identical sizes. I couldn't believe it either until I cut the two out in paint and measured it myself.

Old Lady Young Lady

Played 3630 Times
Can you see both the young lady and the old lady?