Pirate's Dilemma Riddle

After pillaging another ship, five blood thirsty pirate's arrive on their boat with a chest of 100 gold coins. The pirates have a very unique way of dividing the gold. The pirates all have ranks '1' through '5'. The pirate's allow 'pirate 1' to divide up the gold however he wants. But then the pirates vote whether they are in favor or against the outcome. If they are against the outcome. 'Pirate 1' is thrown overboard. Then 'Pirate 2' is given a chance to divide up the gold. And so forth. -All the pirate have perfect logic and will make the decision to grant themselves the most gold -during the voting if it is a tie the pirate is thrown overboard. -these are bloodthirsty pirate, if it's turns out they'll end up with the same amount of gold they'll chose to kill. You are pirate 1 and must divide up the gold. How much gold must you give each other pirate to stay alive?